What are some good ways to make the CheckBox widget ... Android CheckBox is hard to tap. ... import android.widget.CheckBox; ... you need to make sure it is easily clickable. ... How can I make the container of the checkbox clickable? ... Android Development android checkbox example, android checkbox widget, android checkbox with ListView, android ListView checkbox example, android custom checkbox style code. Please go to the ASP.NET Table of Contents to view the list of available articles in this section. android.widget.CheckBox A checkbox is a specific type of two-states button that can be either checked or unchecked. If this checkbox is not ticked, then this is the cause of the problem, ... Cameras that make great holiday gifts. In this example we are going to place a Checkbox inside the ListView row along with some Text. We will develop a custom array adapter to populate our Android listview with checkboxes. ... java,android. The